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The application scenarios describe business processes in which EDI can be implemented. Consequently, two partners are always involved in these processes: The sender and the recipient of the EDI message.

The scenarios should describe a business process as simply as possible, while remaining realistic. The processes described here can serve as templates or starting points for customer-defined business processes, but should never be copied exactly by users when creating their own processes.


The processes always use several components: The relevant application components are specified in the process title. SD and MM always use Structure link Message Control as the third component. The data is always exchanged using the Structure link IDoc Interface (component CA-EDI-PRC).



Technical implementation of the scenarios

This section includes all the program details which are common to all the scenarios.

General example data

This section describes the example data which can be used in the scenarios.


The business processes are represented as far as possible by the following procedure: Default settings and procedures will be described for both sending and receiving EDI messages. The processes can be tested in a system using the IDoc Interface Structure link test tool , by converting the outbound IDoc into an inbound IDoc. The important step in this procedure is switching the sender and the recipient in the control record. The generated IDocs can be viewed in the system using the Structure link IDoc display function.

You find the business processes in the directory on the left.


The scenarios do not involve the conversion of the IDoc standard into an EDI standard (EDIFACT; ODETTE or ANSI X.12). This conversion is undertaken by an external EDI subsystem. The IDoc standard is therefore used whenever the scenarios are being tested.

The scenarios do not involve any ALE integration scenarios therefore also no scenarios in which the SAP System works together with external systems within the particular company. For more information, see ALE Business Process Library.

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