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Costing-based profitability analysis




* where nnnn is the operating concern. The archiving object is generated per operating concern.


For one business transaction there can be a sequence of line items in costing-based profitability analysis. These have been integrated in the DRB.


You should note that the line items for account-based profitability analysis are found in cost accounting documents. You can find details on their integration in the DRB under Cost Accounting Documents in the DRB.


To optimize the DRB functions for archived costing-based profitability analysis line items, you are recommended to proceed as follows:

  1. Establish in which operating concerns the line items you wish to display are found. If you are in doubt, repeat the following procedure for all operating concerns present.
  2. Activate the archive information structure SAP_DRB_PA1nnnn (where nnnn stands for the operating concern).
  3. Construct the archive information structure SAP_DRB_PA1nnnn for the required files.
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