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During kanban processing the material supply between the material source and the demand source is controlled by so-called kanbans (for example, card and container). The relationship between a material source and a demand source with regard to the material is defined in a control cycle. A certain number of kanbans are allocated to each control cycle. Each of these kanbans contains a target quantity. During operative kanban processing, the kanbans are set to the desired status by an impulse (kanban impulse), for example, from "empty" to "full", or from "full" to "empty").

This impulse is usually generated through the import of a bar code. However, alphanumeric entries are also possible.

When the status of a kanban is set to "full", you can also optionally transfer a confirmed quantity. This value is then allocated to the kanban instead of the target quantity. If you use a background job to post a goods receipt at the same time, the system uses the confirmed quantity.

For certain types of processing an additional function is available, that makes it possible to reduce the material quantity in a kanban by a defined amount (quantity impulse). Bar code support for the entry (for example, for quantity 1) is also possible.

The data used for the plausibility check are as follows:



Kanban control cycles






Possible status of kanbans

Impulse confirmations are transferred to the transfer structure:



PP-PK confirmations


Record Types

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