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In the case of the component supplier, the billing documents which have been generated from deliveries to customers are automatically compared with the values from the external invoice. The external invoice serves as the basis for the payment advice note which is sent to the component supplier by the customer.

The scenario runs within a scheduling agreement. External invoices can also be processed for individual purchase orders.



IDoc Interface



Output category

GSVERF (purchase order)

Partner type

KU (customer) In the ALE scenario (IDoc arrives from R/3 via tRFC): LS (logical system)

Process code



Immediate processing

Permitted processor

Organizational unit (e.g. an R/3 user)



Inbound processing

The system determines the deliveries and internal billing documents which are relevant to the external invoice. The billing document is described as "internal" because it is not sent to the customer. The following IDoc data is used for determination (priority is specified):

  1. Internal delivery number
  2. Purchase order number of customer: this applies to deliveries via an external service agent from a consignment stock and is not therefore relevant in this scenario.
  3. External delivery number, assigned by the customer

The relevant billing documents are determined for deliveries found using the information in the above points. The values determined from the billing documents are compared with the values from the external invoice. The following values are checked for each delivery item:

If the values correspond, the number of the external invoice is sent to the open item of the FI document as a reference. This replaces the purchase order number of the customer and means that the invoice in SD has been checked by the vendor: The vendor has taken over this task from the customer. The new reference number is used in the following scenario (payment advice note) during automatic clearing.

Exception handling

If differences are found, a work item is sent to the integrated inboxes of the agents entered in the partner profiles. One of the agents takes the work item and enters the corrections (price difference, removing the billing block). The agent also manually sends the self-billing number to the open items (FI document) and removes the billing block.



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