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With the wave pick monitor, you can monitor and control the processing of wave picks.


To be able to work with the wave pick monitor, you need -- as a minimum -- the implementation of Lean WM. You can also use the wave pick monitor if you are implementing the entire WM system function.

To use the wave pick monitor, no settings in Customizing are required.

Range of Functions

Representation of the Processing Status

The system determines a wave pick's processing status on the basis of a number of status fields in the delivery header of the deliveries in the wave pick. These status fields refer to documents that are relevant for the wave pick (transfer order, packing, transportation planning, goods issue, and billing). There is no updating of status fields directly for the wave pick in the database.

The processing status is displayed in a two-level list: the upper level shows the wave pick, and the lower level shows the respective deliveries in the wave pick. You can display the second level by expanding the list.

You can display the following status fields:

The status fields for the delivery are read from the database and aggregated (accumulated) at the level of the wave pick for all the deliveries belonging to the wave in question. The following rules apply, also in the order given:

  1. An empty status value for the delivery does not affect the aggregated value.
  2. If all the deliveries have the same status value, this status value is adopted as the accumulated value.
  3. If at least one delivery has the status value B or C, the aggregated value is B.
  4. If at least one delivery has the status value A, the aggregated value is A.

At both levels, the status fields and their specific description texts are displayed. In addition, the status fields of the wave picks are also displayed as icons.

Further aggregated information is displayed for the wave pick, such as the number of deliveries altogether, and -- for each of the five first status fields -- the absolute and relative number of deliveries for which the respective status is at not processed or partially processed.

In addition, the system displays the processor, document date, beginning time, and end time for the wave pick. The ship-to party for the delivery is displayed.

You can limit the list to the fields that are important for your purposes and store this selection in a display variant.

Subsequent Functions for Wave Picks

You can call up the Subsequent Functions for Wave Picks directly from the monitor by choosing Subsequent processing.

The numbers of the selected wave picks are used in these subsequent functions as selection criteria.

Branching to Overviews of Transfer Orders

The function Analysis of Groups creates a list with which you can analyze the processing level of several wave picks in a warehouse.

The list output of the function Picking progress enables you to generate an overview of the picking status for individual transfer orders of a particular wave pick. You can create a separate selection variant for this.

Functions for Delivery

You can display individual deliveries of a wave pick on the screen.



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