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As soon as you have confirmed a transfer order (TO) for an outbound delivery in the Warehouse Management system (WMS), the system transfers the confirmation data from the TO to the source outbound delivery. As a result, the relevant picking data is available to you in the outbound delivery document. You can define when the system is to update the outbound delivery with the confirmation data.


You activate the late update of the outbound delivery in the Customizing for Warehouse Management under Interfaces ® Shipping ® Define Shipping Control ® Shipping Control per Warehouse Number with the indicator Delayed Update of Outbound Delivery.


You can update the outbound delivery at the following times:

This type of update is not designed for TOs for Multiple Deliveries.


Note that for transfer orders for multiple deliveries, the system reports the confirmation to the outbound delivery when all of the items in the TO have been confirmed.

This setting is only advisable if you are working with transfer orders for multiple deliveries.

Using this function, you avoid blocking problems when confirming transfer orders for the outbound delivery and when updating the outbound delivery data.

By using this function, you can also improve system performance because when you confirm one TO item, the system does not process and block the entire outbound delivery in order to update the outbound delivery.


Note that the setting Copy Picking Quantity is only taken into account if a delivery update occurs directly. If, for example, you confirm a transfer order item-by-item, the system does not take into account the setting Copy Picking Quantity for each item individually, but rather activates the setting of the TO item, which triggers the delivery update.


If you have activated delayed update of the outbound delivery in the Customizing for Warehouse Management, you can use a Business Add-In to individually determine when exactly you want to update an outbound delivery. For additional information, see the Implementation Guide (IMG) of Warehouse Management under System Modifications ® Business Add-Ins in Warehouse Management ® Business Add-In for Influencing the Delayed Update of Deliveries.



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