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A purchasing information system gives an overview of data and processes in purchasing.

This scenario makes this overview possible in distributed purchasing systems also (For example: A central view of release orders on contracts).

Logistics data is sent from the decentral purchasing systems to the central purchasing information system, where it causes information structures to be updated.



In the central purchasing information system any of the information structures can be updated according to any sets of rules. Therefore the decentral purchasing systems have to supply all the logistics data that is available for each action.
Data is always sent for individual documents.
One consequence of this is that there is a very large volume of data traffic, and therefore a significant load on the network.


The Reference Model


The Reference Model for the Purchasing Information System

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text


Master Data to be Distributed

The core master data has to be distributed for the following master data:


Control Data to be Distributed

The control data that has to be distributed for this scenario is detailed in the ALE Implementation Guide.


Initial Download and Synchronization

The sales information system includes the following procedures:






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