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Using an RF device, you can use this option to pack material items into HUs.



       1.      From the RF menu, choose Internal Warehouse Processes    Pack.

The Pack/Unpack screen appears, displaying the status Packing.


Using this option, you can only pack an HU that is not assigned to a delivery. To pack an HU assigned to a delivery, see Performing a Goods Issue.

       2.      Do one of the following:


Enter the number of the handling unit to be packed and choose Enter. HU information including the default packaging material and storage location is automatically displayed.

Skip the Handling unit field and choose Enter. The system assigns you an HU number, which can you see when you print the HU label.

                            a.      If there is no default packaging material, enter packaging material in the appropriate field and choose Enter.

                            b.      If you are packing into an existing HU, the plant, storage location and storage bin are taken from the HU data. If you are creating a new HU, you must manually enter this information.


You can also define your own default user parameters by choosing System User profile Own data Parameters.

       2.      To print the HU label, choose Prt. For more information, see Printing Using the User Exit.

       3.      To pack materials into the HU:

                            a.      Choose ByMt. The Select Material for HU Activities screen appears.

                            b.      Enter the material, quantity and UoM to be packed. You can also enter batch, special stock number, stock indicator and category.

                            c.      Choose Enter. The material, quantity and UoM appear under the Material list.

                            d.      To view details on a material, choose Mt.D.

                            e.      To select auxiliary packaging material:

                                                  i.       Choose APM. The Select Packaging Material screen appears.

                                                ii.       Enter the packaging material name and choose Enter.

                                               iii.       Choose Back. The auxiliary packaging material is now displayed in the Material list.

                              f.      Choose Save.

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