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You have created HU proposals in repetitive or discrete manufacturing and want to create handling units from these proposals, or simply check to make sure that it is possible to create handling units from these proposals.


  1. Select the HU proposals, from which you want to create handling units, and select Handling units ® Simulate HU creation.
  2. CautionIf you want to simulate the complete content of the table, do not select any of the HU proposals.

    Unless one of the handling units is faulty, the system displays the standard packing transaction with the simulated handling units. A number is displayed for each handling unit. The system also shows which materials and packaging materials belong directly to a handling unit.

    If one of the handling units is faulty, the system terminates the transaction.

    CautionThe numbers displayed here are not the same as the numbers that the system assigns later when the handling units are actually created.

  3. Choose Back to get back to the packing transaction for packing with packing instructions.
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