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This documentation describes the workflow scenarios which can be found in the standard system (SAP workflows). Each workflow scenario has its own description. The descriptions contain information about the features available in the standard system, as well as the options relating to settings and modifications for your own developments.


This documentation does not replace the SAP Business Workflow documentation.

For information about using and calling the individual tools of SAP Business Workflow and about taking advantage of the complete functionality for your own enhancements and developments, refer to the Structure link SAP Business Workflow documentation.


Each description of a workflow scenario is assigned to one of the application components in the R/3 System.

Each description has the same structure and usually contains the following topics:

Process description

You learn which business processes are supported by the workflow scenario, which employees are involved, and what advantages and benefits can be derived from using the workflow system for this scenario.

This information is sufficient if you are interested in an initial overview of the options available in a particular application.

Technical implementation

You learn, in detail, which steps were carried out by SAP in order to represent the business process in the system.

You are familiarized with the object types which form the basis of the scenario and you discover which tasks are defined to describe the activities to be carried out, which roles are resolved, and which events are used. The structure of the workflow used, as well as the interface and container, are described in greater detail.

This information is particularly useful if you are planning to enhance and modify the scenario and if you must identify the points at which changes can be made.

This section is not available or is very short if no enhancements are planned or appropriate.

Preparation and customizing

You learn which application-specific or scenario-specific preparations and settings are required to adapt the scenario to the business conditions in your company.

This section contains notes and recommendations regarding the organizational plan and agent assignment.

For further information refer to Settings and Preparations.

Operation and connection to application functionality

You learn how the technical and business connection between the scenario and the application is controlled, how the scenario can be started and how the corresponding application functionality must be called.




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