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This internal function is the preliminary step for periodic actual costing. To determine the quantity structure, the system collects actual data from movements and transactions from all areas of Logistics (Materials Management, Production Planning, for example). It does this in the background.


You must activate actual costing for the relevant plants in Customizing for Actual Costing/Material Ledger. As soon as you activate the actual costing the system updates the actual quantity structure.


Creating the quantity structure involves:

Collecting actual data in Logistics (such as goods movements, production orders, sales orders and invoice receipts)
For more information, see
Collecting Actual Data for the Material Ledger.

Internally, the system creates procurement alternatives, consumption alternatives, and procurement processes. The level of detail in which procurement alternatives and procurement processes are created depends on the controlling level. This controls the update of movements and transactions for actual costing.

Preparing this actual data for purposes such as determining the internal costing sequence for mixed costing or periodic actual costing. This takes place during actual costing. The actual data is prepared during the step Determining the Costing Sequence.


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