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This section contains information on navigating on R/3 Enterprise screens using the keyboard.


Note for JAWS users: SAP does not recommend using the virtual PC cursor for general navigation on SAP screens. Accessible use of R/3 Enterprise is based on navigation using the Tab key. However, in certain circumstances, it may be appropriate to switch to the JAWS virtual PC cursor mode, for example if an input field does not appear to have a label, and you want to explore the area around the field to determine whether a label is available. Other specific circumstances under which it is useful to switch to the virtual PC cursor are described in this document.

Process Flow

To navigate on an R/3 Enterprise screen, you begin by moving the focus to the initial position. To move between screen elements, you use the Tab key. To start a transaction, you can navigate to that transaction using the menus or you can enter the transaction code for that transaction directly into a transaction code field. Finally, you can use shortcut keys to access functions on the screen.


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