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Roles are collections of activities used in business scenarios. Users access the transactions, reports, or Web-based applications through user menus. The SAP Standard contains a large number of predefined roles.

When a role is assigned to a user, the menu for that role appears when the user logs on to the system. The integrity of business data is also ensured by the assignment of roles. Authorization profiles are generated which restrict the activities of users in the SAP System, depending on the activities in the roles.

The mySAP.com Workplace provides users with a portal via a Web browser to perform his or her tasks. Roles can be assigned here as well.

The user can change the roles assigned to him or her as required. He or she can. for example Create and Manage Favorites.

The system administrator can tailor the user menu to the personal requirements of each user, by adding or deleting menu entries.

For more information about role-specific system administrator functions, see System administrator functions.



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