Transporting Report Writer Objects 


You can copy the Customizing settings for the following to a transport request using the function Transport request:


  1. From one of the Report Writer screens, choose Utilities ® Transport ® Transport request. The Transport: Report Writer screen appears:
  2. Select the object for which you want to include the Customizing settings in the transport request and choose Execute.
  3. The Report Writer: Include <Object Name> in Transport Request screen appears. Enter the selection criteria as required.
  4. In the group box Further details, depending on the object you selected, you can select at least one and at the most three of the following settings.

If you transport a report and select the With dependent objects indicator, the system includes the report and all the objects defined for the report (sets, variables, formulas, libraries and standard layouts) in the transport request.

The following table shows the dependent objects that are transported for a specific Report Writer object.

If the Report Writer object is a

Then the following dependent objects are transported


Default selection sets (except CO groups)


Sets (except CO groups), key figures, libraries, standard layouts

Report group

Reports, sets (except CO groups), key figures, libraries, standard layouts

  1. Choose Program ® Execute.

If you did not select Without selection list, a selection screen of Report Writer objects appears:

    1. Select the Report Writer objects that you want to transport.
    2. Choose Execute.

The objects are included in your chosen Customizing request.