Saving Changed Report Layout Parameters 


When processing a report in expert mode, for example, when executing a report group, you can make and save changes to the report layout.


  1. When executing a report, choose from the report output screen Settings ® Report layout. A dialog box appears where you can overwrite the layout parameters.
  2. Make any required changes to the report layout.
  3. To save the changed layout parameters, you can choose from the following alternative functions:

We recommend that you save your report data as an extract. This allows you to call up your report at any time and the system does not have to reselect the data from the database. You can save the report as an extract using the Report ® Save function. If you have not already saved the report as an extract, the system displays a dialog box where you can enter the extract parameters to save the current report as an extract. For more information about extracts, see Working with Report Extracts.