Creating a Report Group from the Report Definition 


You can use this function to create a new report group without having to call the Create Report Group function. When you create, change, or display a report definition, you can execute the reports report group directly and output the report.


You want to create, change or display a report. You have called one of the functions Create/Change/Display Report and have saved your report.


  1. Choose Report ® Execute. If the report is not already assigned to a report group, a dialog box appears querying whether you want to carry out such an assignment.
  2. To assign the report to a report group, choose Yes.
  3. If you enter a report group that does not yet exist, a dialog box appears querying whether you want to create the report group.
  4. If you want the system to create the report group automatically and assign your report to it, choose Yes.
  5. You can then execute the report group on the Execute Report Group: Initial Screen. For more information, see Report Group Execution, Executing a Report Group and Executing a Report Group in the Background.

For more information on creating report groups, see Creating a Report Group.