Editing Variation Ranges in Report Writer 


You can edit variations of Report Writer reports in two ways:


The following restrictions apply for the variation range (from and to level).

Entries possible for the From level of the variation range and the resulting restrictions for the To level

From level

To level

Positive [>0]

Greater/Less From level

Negative [-1; -2]

No entry

The following example shows the variation range levels possible within a cost center hierarchy:

Navigating within an executed report

To display the report data levels of detail for the data selection characteristics you can use the functions under the menu option View. You can vary the level of detail on a report, section or row level.

If you select a single-dimension set containing a basic set, you navigate to the basic set level using (Variation next level).

For more information on the definition of selection criteria, see defining selection criteria.


For more information, see working with variation ranges in Report Writer.