Entering Selection Texts for a Report Group 


You have reached step 6 of the procedure creating a report group. On the Create Report Group screen you have already chosen Goto ® Texts and are on the screen Create Report Group: Texts for Selection Screens.


  1. Enter texts as required.
  2. The text that you enter for the fields on this screen appears on the selection screen when you execute a report group.

  3. To save the report group, choose Report group ® Save.

You can use the following additional functions on the Create Report Group: Texts for Selection Screens screen:



Enter header information for the report group

Goto ® Header

Add reports to the report group

Goto ® Reports

Define report group documentation. See defining report documentation

Goto ® Documentation

Display where a report defined for the report group is used

Extras ® Usage ® Report usage...

Enter additional parameters for displaying selection texts (for example, to specify whether selection values should appear before selection sets)

Extras ® Additional parameters

For utilities see Report Writer utilities



You have entered selection texts for a report group and can now continue with step 7 of the procedure for creating a report group.