Printing Report Data 


Depending on the size of a report and the page size specified in the layout parameters, a report can cover several horizontal and vertical pages. You can print either the whole report or just parts of it.


  1. To print a report, choose Report ® Print....

If variations exist for your chosen report, you can either print the current report or all the variation reports. If you decide to print the variation reports, you can specify whether they are to be printed in separate spool requests or all in one spool request. Make your choice in the dialog box, which only appears if variation reports exists, and choose Continue.

On the selection screen for the output parameters, in the group box Output medium, you can specify that reports are to be attached. Here you specify whether variation reports are to be printed in a single or in separate spool requests.

  1. Specify which pages of the report you want to print. You have the choice between all pages, the current page, or you can select the pages you want to print. If you select Print all pages, the Report Writer reads the number of rows per report page from the standard layout assigned to the report. Choose Continue.

If the print page formatting is not active, you can specify in a dialog box, whether you want to activate print page formatting.

You activate print page formatting via Settings ® Options... in the group box List output.

Headers or column headings are only displayed in regular intervals if print page formatting is activated.

  1. In the Print Parameters dialog box, you enter printer data such as the output device, the number of copies, and spool information. To complete your entries, choose Continue.


The report or the parts of the report you specified are printed.