Send Report to Mail User 


From the report output screen you can send the current report in HTML format to an internal or external user. You can also send reports independently of your SAP R/3 System. The report is sent to the mail recipient's inbox or mailbox. The recipient can then display the report data, as well as additional information (such as the report group name and time of data selection).

If you send a report whilst it is still displayed on the screen, this current report is always attached to the mail in HTML format.

If the Office integration is active, the current report is attached to the mail as an Excel or Lotus 123 file.


  1. Choose Report ® Send... The screen Send with Note appears.
  2. Enter the name of the recipient and assign a corresponding recipient type.
  3. Select the required send options.
  4. You can also write a note to the recipient. This note is displayed in a dialog box when the recipient calls up the report from the mail inbox.
  5. Choose Send.


The report is sent and the recipient receives it in his/her mail inbox.