Expert Mode 


You can execute reports from two different menus that have different functions. The standard mode contains all the basic functions that you require to execute a report. Special functions, that experience has shown to be used by only a few users or that require special knowledge of the Report Writer, can only be used in expert mode.

You can call the expert mode from the selection screen or activate/deactivate it from the report output screen at any time. The expert mode is not connected to any authorization.


You can activate the expert mode on the selection screen via Environment ® Options, by selecting in the group box General settings the indicator Expert mode. Alternatively, you can activate the expert mode when you execute a report via Settings ® Options. In the selection screen you can also activate the expert mode by choosing Output parameters and in the dialog box that appears selecting Expert mode.


The expert mode offers the user more functions than are available in the standard mode.

The following functions are available in expert mode:

On the selection screen:

For more information, see defining general data selection criteria.

You can use the currency translation function to translate currency key figures into a joint target calculation.

You can define the output parameters of the report, such as output medium and user-specific dialog settings. For more information, see printing report data.

You can define extract parameters. For more information about extracts, see working with report extracts and executing a report group.

By choosing Reports you can select certain reports in your report group.

This functionality is available should your report group contain more than one report.

In the report output:

You can define extract parameters, save the report with a password, assign it an expiry date and prioritize the extract.

For more information, see exporting reports to an external file.

You can call a presentation graphic.

For more information, see sorting report rows.

For more information, see entering threshold value conditions.

Via Settings ® Options you can, in the group box Default settings, you can specify that your settings be saved.

In the confirmation prompt on exiting the report the functions Save report and Save settings are available.