Exporting a Report to a Presentation Server 


You can export a report in an external file to the application server or to a presentation server. The presentation server is the computer that is running your R/3 interface, for example, a PC that is linked with an R/3 application server.

On the output parameters selection screen in the group box Output medium, you can select the checkbox Append reports to specify whether an existing export file is to be extended or overwritten.


  1. Choose Report ® Export... The dialog box Export to Presentation Server appears.
  2. The current output medium is marked by a green traffic light. Ensure that the pushbutton Local PC file is selected.
  3. Specify the export format you require:

These three export formats are table formats. For these table formats you can also check the function Format figures.

Choose this if you want the following column attributes (the settings in the report layout) to be taken into consideration when exporting in table format: scaling, decimal places, change +/- sign.

If you do not choose the indicator Format figures, all the figures are exported in an unformatted form. The column attribute Print unit is not taken into consideration during the export.

  1. In the group box Output file, enter the file name for exporting the report.
  2. In the group box Launch PC application, enter the program that is to be launched after the report has been exported to the presentation server. Select one of the following variations:

If you enter && in this field, the system replaces the && characters with the current file name ( File name field) when the program is executed.

  1. Choose Continue.


The system exports the report.