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Choose Fields

In this step, you decide which fields should appear on the screen when maintaining or displaying the time sheet, and also define their attributes. This enables you to customize the layout of the time sheet to suit the requirements of your enterprise and the needs of your users.

By choosing suitable fields, you can considerably simplify time sheet data processing and reduce potential sources of errors. The fields you choose determine the target components to which the data maintained with a particular data entry profile can be transferred, for example.

There are two steps involved:

1. Define modifiable fields - General field selection
In this step, you maintain the basic settings for all data entry profiles.
2. Define fields for specific profiles - Profile-specific field selection
In this step, you decide which fields should appear on the screen when maintaining or displaying the time sheet, and define their attributes, for individual profiles.


General field selection (Modifiable)

Profile-specific field selection (Influencing)


You must have completed the

Set Up Data Entry Profiles step before you can define the field selection for individual profiles. You must also have defined the general field selection before you define the fields for specific profiles.

Standard Settings

In the standard SAP System, the Field is ready for input indicator is activated for all fields.


For technical reasons, the Required entry option is shown as an option in the field selection. This function is not supported by the Time Sheet however. Do not use the Required entry option.


Keep the number of fields displayed on the data entry screen to a minimum. The fewer fields the user has to maintain, the easier it is for him or her to record their working times.


The field selection is divided into three screen groups:

In the Settings screen group, you define the field selection for the initial screen, and determine which profile settings can be specified using the Settings function when the time sheet is maintained. This is independent of the Customizing settings.

Then you specify the field selections for the Worklist and Data entry section screen groups. These determine the layout of the display and maintenance screens for the time sheet.

1. Select the screen group you want to choose fields for. Position your cursor on the field you require.
1. Decide the following for each field:
a) If the field should be ready for input
b) If the field should only be displayed
You can use this option for default values that you do not want users to overwrite, for example.
c) If the field should be hidden
A hidden field can still form part of a record. Some examples of this are default values from the Time Sheet Defaults infotype (0315) that are entered in the record, or work center and operation data.
These values can belong to the record even if they are not displayed.
d) If the field should be highlighted
You can select this indicator in combination with the others.

Further Notes

The following rules apply to the interaction of general and profile-specific field selection:

You can use the All influences function to display an overview of the fields you have selected.

From the modifiable field selection, you can choose Influencing to switch to the profile-specific field selection. From the influencing field selection, you can choose Modifiable to switch to the modifiable field selection.