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Authorizations for Cost Center Accounting

The following authorization objects are defined in Cost Center Accounting.

Functions for... Authorization object

Master Data:

CO: Cost center master (K_CSKS)
CO: Cost center groups (K_CSKS_SET)
CO: Cost element master (K_CSKB)
CO: Cost element groups (K_CSKA_SET)
CO: Activity type master (K_CSLA)
CO: Activity type groups (K_CSLA_SET)
CO: Statistical key figures (K_KA03)
CO: Stat. key figure groups (K_KA03_SET)


CO: Version (K_KA09_KVS)
CO: Planner profiles (K_TKA50)
CO: Cost center planning (K_CSKS_PLA)
CO: Cost element planning (K_CSKB_PLA)
CO: Budgeting (K_CSKS_BUD)


CO: Transactions, Actual Postings, and Actual/Plan Allocations (K_VRGNG)
Event-Based Actual Postings:
You can make authorization checks with the aid of validation.

Period-Based Allocations:

You can carry out authorization checks for periodic reposting, distribution, assessment, and indirect activity allocation with the aid of enhancements. Existing standard enhancements include:

For more information, see the documentation on extension components.


CO: Reporting, cost centers/cost elements (K_REPO_CCA)
CO: Reporting user settings (K_REPO_USR)
Sets: Maintain (G_800S_GSE)
Sets: Variable (G_802G_GSV)
Report Writer: Report (G_800_GRP)
Report Writer: Library (G_801K_GLB)
Report Writer: Standard layout (G_801U_GSY)
Report Writer: Report group (G_803J_GJB)
Report Writer: Execute in batch (S_PROGRAM)

Specific settings for Cost Center Accounting:

K_ALL authorizations exist for the authorization objects above and are combined in the profile K_CCA_ALL for all organizational units.

The general authorization object for cost centers, (K_CCA), additionally allows you to assign authorizations for responsibility areas encompassing one or more cost centers or nodes in the cost center standard hierarchy.

Furthermore, display authorizations exist for authorization objects.

To differentiate between periodic and manual processing, the following authorizations exist for the object K_VRGNG:

Display authorizations have been set up for the following authorization objects in Report Writer:

ALL authorization for use of groups: K_SETS_USE
ALL authorizations for use of CO groups: K_RW_USE
ALL authorizations: G_RW_ALL