Creating and Scheduling Time-Dependent Maintenance Plans 


Work must be performed at a functional location on a regular basis. A maintenance plan is created which contains recommended schedules and maintenance orders for the activities to be performed.

You first create a maintenance plan for defining and scheduling the activities to be performed. The assigned maintenance item establishes the relationship to the system to be maintained and the activity plan to be used.

The system then suggests schedules for the maintenance plan, and you generate maintenance orders according to due dates.

Once you complete the current activities, the system checks for follow-up schedules and generates follow-up orders automatically based on due dates.

In this example, the maintenance plan refers to a functional location (pump set 1), a fixed component of the asset on which various equipment can be installed and removed. The maintenance plan is not influenced by such tasks.

Alternatively, you can refer the maintenance plan to an individual piece of equipment that requires regular maintenance, irrespective of its usage site at the time. However, no differences result from the processing described here.

Process Flow

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  1. Creating the Maintenance Plan
  2. Assigning the Task List
  3. Scheduling the Maintenance Plan
  4. Displaying the Maintenance Order
  5. Processing the Maintenance Order
  6. Displaying the Actual Variance of the Planned Date
  7. Monitoring and Scheduling the Follow-Up Dates
  8. Displaying Postponements to the Follow-Up Dates