Plant Maintenance (PM) 

Structuring Technical Systems

Replacing a Pump in an Operational System

Managing a Serialized Replacement Part

Displaying the Structure of a Complex Technical Asset

Alternative Labels for Functional Locations

Entering the Measurement Reading

Entering Measurement Values Using the Measurement Reading Entry List

Maintenance Planning

Creating and Scheduling Time-Dependent Maintenance Plans

External Processing of Preventive Maintenance Measures

Maintenance Plan for Calibrating Measurement Instruments

PM Processing

Performance-based Completion Confirmations from Production

Performing Quick Repairs Without Comprehensive Resource Planning

Performing a Task with Comprehensive Resource Planning

Scheduling Individual Capacity Using the Graphical Planner Table

Recording Findings and Processing Repair With Additions to Order

Processing Material Refurbishment Without Serial Numbers

Simplified External Assignment of Maintenance Tasks

Performing a Repair Task Externally

Using Service Packages for Internal Services

Work Clearance Management

Work Clearance Management

Internet Scenarios

Recording Measurement Readings and Counter Readings via Internet


Configurable Interface for Processing Notifications