Using Platform-Independent Filenames 

The file names that you use in ABAP statements for processing files are physical names. This means that they must be syntactically correct filenames for the operating system under which your R/3 System is running. Once you have created a file from an ABAP program with a particular name and path, you can find the same file using the same name and path at operating system level.

Since the naming conventions for files and paths differ from operating system to operating system, ABAP programs are only portable from one operating system to another if you use the tools described below.

To make programs portable, the R/3 System has a concept of logical filenames and paths. These are linked to physical files and paths. The links are created in special tables, which you can maintain according to your own requirements. In an ABAP program, you can then use the function module FILE_GET_NAME to generate a physical filename from a logical one.

Maintaining platform-independent filenames is part of Customizing. For a full description, choose Tools ® Business Engineer ® Customizing, followed by
Implement. projects ® SAP Reference IMG. On the next screen, choose Basis Components ® System Administration ® Platform-independent File Names.

For a more detailed description of the function module FILE_GET_NAME, enter its name on the initial screen of the Function Builder and choose Goto ® Documentation. On the next screen, choose Function module doc.

Another way of maintaining platform-independent filenames is to use the Transaction FILE. The following sections provide an overview of the transaction.

Once you have started the transaction, you can use the options in the Navigation group box to maintain the above tables as described in the following sections:

Maintaining Syntax Groups

Assigning Operating Systems to Syntax Groups

Creating and Defining Logical Paths

Creating and Defining Logical Filenames

There is also an explanation of how to use the function module FILE_GET_NAME to convert logical filenames in ABAP programs into physical filenames.

Using Logical Files in ABAP Programs


For further information about platform-dependent filenames, refer to the Platform Independent Filename Assignment section of the Extended Applications Function Library documentation.