Data Clusters in ABAP Memory 

You can store data clusters in ABAP memory. ABAP memory is a memory area within the internal session (roll area) of an ABAP program and any other program called from it using CALL TRANSACTION or SUBMIT.

ABAP memory is independent of the ABAP program or program module from which it was generated. In other words, an object saved in ABAP memory can be read from any other ABAP program in the same call chain. ABAP memory is not the same as the cross-transaction global SAP memory. For further information, refer to Passing Data Between Programs.

This allows you to pass data from one module to another over several levels of the program hierarchy. For example, you can pass data

and so on.

The contents of the memory are released when you leave the transaction.

To save data objects in ABAP memory, use the statement EXPORT TO MEMORY.

Saving Data Objects in Memory

To read data objects from memory, use the statement IMPORT FROM MEMORY.

Reading Data Objects from Memory

To delete data clusters from memory, use the statement FREE MEMORY.

Deleting Data Clusters from Memory