Executing the Depreciation Run 


In this process step, you run the program for periodical depreciation postings. You initially post the depreciation only in Asset Accounting. The update to the general ledger occurs in the next process step.

For 2000 we have executed only two depreciation runs, which means that you can do these manually.

Note that this procedure can be run only once each month. You can therefore run this process 12 times. If you intend to run the process more than 12 times, we recommend that you first execute the depreciation run in test mode.


  1. Call up the transaction as follows:
  2. Menu Path

    Accounting ® Financial Accounting ® Fixed Assets ® Periodic Processing ® Depreciation Run ® Execute

    Transaction Code

    AFAB, SM37

  3. Enter the following data:
  4. Field


    Company code


    Fiscal year

    Current year

    Posting period


    Planned posting run


    List assets


    Test run


  5. Choose .
  6. In the dialog box, choose Yes. This is because there are less than 1000 fixed assets in the IDES company code.
  7. If the process has already been run, the system informs of the next period that may be posted to. Choose and enter the posting period.

    Call up the transaction again.

    Change the Posting period. Choose .

  8. At the end of the log, the system informs you that the test run has been completed successfully.
  9. The list is sorted by account groups and business areas. For each asset, the system displays separate columns for the planned, posted, and to be planned depreciations.

  10. Choose until the Depreciation Posting Run screen appears.
  11. Enter the same data as in step 3. Deselect Test run.
  12. If another user also intends to execute a depreciation run, we recommend that you do not execute an update run.

  13. Choose Program ® Execute in background.
  14. Enter the following data:
  15. Field


    Output device

    Your printer

    New spool request


  16. Choose .
  17. If a dialog box should appear, choose .
  18. In the Start Time dialog box, choose Immediate and .
  19. The system informs you that the job settings for program RABUCH00 have been created.

  20. To check whether your job is ready, choose System ® Services ® Jobs ® Job overview.
  21. Choose Execute.
  22. You see an overview of the jobs to be run today under your name. Only when your job has the status Finished you can execute the postings.

  23. To change the status at any time, choose .
  24. The job could take several hours, depending on how much data is to be processed and the current system performance. For this reason, you could stop the process here until the job has been run.

  25. Choose until the overview tree appears.