Carrying Out Postprocessing of Withholding Tax Data Conversion 


Checking the System Settings for Extended Withholding Tax

The customer carries out this step.

Make sure that all system settings for extended withholding tax have been made in the Implementation Guide.

Manually Postprocessing Exemption in the Master Data

The customer carries out this step.

The information about withholding tax exemption in the master data for classic withholding tax is not automatically copied into the master data for extended withholding tax during the conversion. You therefore have to define the information manually for each withholding tax type. In addition, the Reduced rate is defined at withholding tax code level for exemption in classic withholding tax. For extended withholding tax however, all information about exemption is defined in the vendor master record (including the exemption percentage rate).

Define the exemption information for all vendors concerned.

Manually Postprocessing Documents with Reunification Tax

The customer carries out this step.

Reunification tax is not explicitly defined in extended withholding tax. However, you can reflect the reunification tax using a separate withholding tax type:

Make the required Customizing settings for reunification tax:

  1. Create a withholding tax type and a withholding tax code.
  2. Define the withholding tax type in the corresponding vendor master records.

You then have to manually process the remaining open items of the vendors concerned, since otherwise these items cannot be activated.

For more information about the procedure, see note 205311, point 1.

Manually Postprocessing Documents and Items

The customer carries out this step.

Some documents and items cannot be converted. After you have carried out the conversion run and the withholding tax changeover, you have to post the following items again:

Releasing the System

The customer carries out this step.

When you have successfully completed all the planned conversion runs and the necessary postprocessing, you release the system for the users. It is then possible to post documents again, and to carry out all other activities in the system.