Entering and Accepting Services Performed: Service Entry Sheet 


Entering and accepting services in external services management is the same as a goods receipt posting when procuring materials. However, it consists of two levels.

If the vendor confirms a service, then you can store this service in the system straight away using a service entry sheet. However, you cannot yet enter an invoice from the vendor for the service performed into the system. The prerequisite for this is that you explicitly accept the service entry sheet. For this step, you can make use of the extensive release functionality in ordering. At this point we simply accept the service.

For more information on the use of the release procedure, see the process Release Procedure w. Classification for Purch. Docs: Customizing.


Entry sheets can refer to the total service specifications ordered. An essential feature of external services management is that you can also create different entry sheets for single service lines.

In the following activity, the service Plan creation from the service specifications of your purchase order should be performed. The service is entered, accepted, and settled.

You can now carry out the following steps for as many outline levels and service lines from the service specifications in your purchase order as you want.


  1. Call up the transaction as follows:
  2. Menu Path

    From the Purchasing node, choose Purchase Order ® Follow-On Functions ® Service Entry Sheet ® Maintain.

    Transaction Code


  3. Choose Other purch. order.
  4. In the Select Purchase Order/Entry Sheet dialog box, enter the following data:
  5. Field


    Purchase order

    Your purchase order

  6. Choose .
  7. Choose .
  8. In the header area, enter the following data:
  9. Field


    Short text


  10. Choose Service selection.
  11. In the Service Selection dialog box, the indicator From purchase order should be set, and your purchase order number should appear in the input field for the purchase order. If this is not the case, set the indicator and enter your purchase order number.

  12. Choose .
  13. Select outline level 01 Plan creation and choose Services.
  14. You can now input the quantity into the service line. At this point you could also change the quantity, delete the service line completely, or add new service lines. You can also choose Service selection again.

  15. Choose .
  16. The system confirms the transaction and displays the number of the generated service entry sheet. Note this number.

    You have now entered the services performed. However, before the vendor can send an invoice, you need to accept the service. The service entry sheet you have just created is entered in the line item and has the status No acceptance.

  17. Choose .
  18. Choose Entry sheet ® Set status ® Acceptance.
  19. The entry sheet now has status Will be accepted .

  20. Choose .
  21. The system displays a confirmation and also the number of the acceptance document. The status changes again, to Accepted.

  22. Choose until the overview tree appears.

You can perform this activity and the following activity ( Executing Invoice Verification) for any other service items from your service specifications. This procedure is consistent with the current practice where the vast majority of trades complete, confirm, and bill services step by step.

Entering and confirmation of services are updated by the system in the PO history and the total values of the service outline. You can display this data again in the purchase order. To do this, carry out the activity Displaying a Purchase Order again.