Material Requirements Planning (PP-MRP)
   Material Requirements Planning in the Logistics Chain
   Transaction Codes for MRP (PP-MRP)
   MRP Procedures
      Material Requirements Planning
         Material Requirements Planning Procedure
      Master Production Scheduling (PP-MP-MPS)
         Master Production Scheduling Procedure
      Consumption-Based Planning
         Reorder Point Planning
            Reorder Point Planning Procedure
            Reorder Point Planning with External Requirements
         Forecast-Based Planning
            Forecast-Based Planning Procedure
         Time-Phased Planning
            Time-Phased Planning Procedure
            Range of Coverage Profile in Time-Phased Planning
            Time-phased Planning Process with Delivery Cycle
            Time-phased Planning Process with Reorder Point Planning
   Master Data (PP-MRP-BD)
      Planning Calendar
         Creating Planning Calendars with Calculation Rule
         Creating Planning Calendars without Calculation Rule
         Changing the Planning Calendar
      Quota Arrangements
         Allocation Quota Arrangement
            Example for Allocation Quota Arrangement
         Splitting Quota Arrangement
            Example for Splitting Quota Arrangement
         Lot Size and Rounding Profile in Quota Arrangement
            Example for Maximum Lot Size
         Priority and Maximum Release Quantity per Period
            Example for Priority and Maximum Release Quantity
         Maintaining the Quota File
      BOM Explosion Number (Fixed Key Date)
         Creating BOM Explosion Numbers
         Changing BOM Explosion Numbers
         Assigning a New Key to the BOM Explosion Number
      Assign New Project Account Assignment to Material Components
   Planning Process
      Checking the Planning File
         Individual Customer Planning File Entries
         Planning Run Type
         Planning Mode
         Calculating Low-Level Codes
         Displaying the Planning File
         Setting Up the Planning File
         Creating Entries in the Planning File Manually
         Check the Consistency of the Planning File
      Net Requirements Calculation
         Net Requirements Calculation for MRP
         Net Requirements Calculation for Reorder Point Planning
         Net Requirements Calculation for Forecast-Based Planning
         Gross Requirements Planning
      Calculating Procurement Quantity
         Lot-Sizing Procedures
            Static Lot-Sizing Procedures
               Lot-for-Lot Order Quantity
               Fixed Lot Size
               Replenishment up to Maximum Stock Level
            Period Lot-Sizing Procedures
               Availability Date for Period Lot-Sizing Procedure
                  Example for Determination of Availability Date
               Delivery Date Instead of Availability Date
                  Example for Delivery Date Instead of Availability Date
            Optimum Lot-Sizing Procedures
               Part Period Balancing
               Least Unit Cost Procedure
               Dynamic Lot Size Creation
               Groff Reorder Procedure
            Lot Sizes with Splitting and Overlapping
            Short-Term and Long-Term Lot Size
            Lot-for-Lot Remaining Order Quantity
         Calculating Scrap
            Assembly Scrap
            Component Scrap
            Operation Scrap
            Rounding Profile
         Examples for Calculating Procurement Quantities and Yields
         Scheduling: In-House Production
            Calculating Basic Dates
               In-House Production Time: Independent of Lot Size
               In-House Production Time: Dependent on Lot Size
               Backward Scheduling for In-House Production
                  Example of Backward Scheduling for In-House Production
               Forward Scheduling for External Procurement
            Calculating Production Dates (Lead Time Scheduling)
               Levels of Scheduling
               Determining Capacity Requirements
               Starting Lead Time Scheduling
            Calculating the Provision Date for Components
         Scheduling for External Procurement
            Backward Scheduling for External Procurement
               Example of Backward Scheduling for External Procurement
            Forward Scheduling for External Procurement
               Example of Forward Scheduling for External Procurement
      Determining the Procurement Proposal
         Procurement Type and Special Procurement Type
         Quota Arrangements
         Determining Source of Supply for External Procurement
         Scheduling Agreements for Make-to-Order Production
         Shipping Notification
         Document Types for Purchase Requisitions
      BOM Explosion and Determining Dependent Requirements
         Determining the Valid BOM
            BOM Usage
            Period/Area of Validity of BOMs
            BOM Explosion Number (Fixed Key Date)
            BOM Status
            Multiple BOMs
               BOM Selection Using Order Quantity
               BOM Selection Using Explosion Date
               BOM Selection Using Production Version
         Determining the Valid BOM Items
            Alternative Items
               Alternative Items in BOM Explosion
               Alternative Items for Information Purposes
               Withdrawal Posting of Alternative Items
            Discontinued Parts
            BOM Items Relevant for Production
            BOM Explosion for Variant Configuration
            BOM Explosion with Phantom Assemblies
         Total Requirements
         Calculating the Dependent Requirements Date
         Storage Location Determination in BOM Explosion
         Linking the Revision Level
            Checking the Revision Level in MRP
            Adapting the Revision Level if Dates Change
      Creation of Exception Messages
         Rescheduling Check
      Ranges of Coverage in MRP
         Calculating the Statistical Range of Coverage
            Calculating the Average Daily Requirements
            Calculating the Minimum, Maximum and Target Stock Level
            Calculating Dynamic Safety Stock
            Example for Calculating Statistical Range of Coverage
            Results of the Statistical Range of Coverage Calculation
            Values of the Statistical Range of Coverage
         Safety Time / Actual Range of Coverage
         Daysí Supply and Receipt Daysí Supply
         Actual Range of Coverage
   Special Planning Processes
         Subcontracting Procedure
         Subcontracting with Production Version
         Planning Components to be Provided
      Direct Production
         Planned Orders for Direct Production
         Customizing Settings for Direct Production
      Direct Procurement
         Copying the BOM Long Text
         Account Assignment for Direct Procurement Purchase Requisitions
         Planned Orders for Direct Procurement
         Message Transmission in Direct Procurement
         Customizing Settings for Direct Procurement
      Storage Location MRP
         Planning Storage Location Stock Separately
         Excluding a Storage Location from MRP
      MRP Area
         Examples for Planning with MRP Areas
         Implementing MRP Areas
         Preparing for Material Requirements Planning with MRP Areas
            Converting the Planning File Entries
               Planning File Entries for MRP Areas
            MRP Area Segments in the Material Master
               Maintenance of Mass Data
         Planning Material Requirements with MRP Areas
            Material Requirements Planning with MRP Areas
               Determining and Assigning Storage Locations to the MRP Area
               Determine Source of Supply for Delivery Schedules for MRP Areas
            Planning Components for a Production Line (Example)
            Planning for Components to be Provided in Subcontracting
               Stock Transfer of Components to be Provided
               Subcontracting/Third-Party Order Processing
               Multi-Level Subcontracting (Example)
            Stock Transfer from Plant to MRP Area
         ATP Check with MRP Areas
      Multi-Plant/Site Planning
         Stock Transfer from Plant to Plant
            Planned Orders for Stock Transfer
         Withdrawal from Alternative Plant
         Production in Alternative Plant
         Customizing Settings for Multi-Plant/Site Planning
      Requirements Grouping for Individual Project Planning
         Grouping WBS element
         Preparing Requirements Grouping
            Create Project Definition and WBS Element for Grouping Element
            Assigning WBS Elements to a Grouping WBS Element
            Assigning MRP Groups to a Grouping WBS Element
         Planning Material Requirements with Requirements Grouping
            Automatic Requirements Grouping Within a Project
            Multi-Plant Requirements Grouping with Single Grouping Element
            Multi-Plant Requirements Grouping with Grouping WBS Elements
            Requirements Grouping with a Grouping WBS Element for Each Plant
            Requirements Grouping with Grouping WBS Elements for Each Plant
            Grouping with Hierarchically Structured Grouping WBS Elements
   Carrying Out the Planning Run (PP-MRP-PR)
      Control Parameters for the Planning Run
         Planning Run Type in the Initial Screen
         Creation Indicator
         Creation Indicators in the Initial Screen and the MRP Group
         Planning Mode in the Initial Screen
         Scheduling Control in the Initial Screen
      Total Planning
         Carry Out Total Planning Online
         Execute Total Planning in Background Mode
         User Exit: Material Selection for the Total Planning Run
         Parallel Processing
      Carrying Out Single-Item, Single-Level Planning
      Single-Item, Multi-Level Planning
         Starting Single-Item, Multi-Level Planning
         Working with the Material List
         Working with the Planning Result
            Planning with/without Stopping Points
         Simulation Mode
            Plan in Simulation Mode
      Interactive Planning
      Multi-Level, Sales Order Planning
   Evaluating the Planning Run (PP-MRP-PE)
      MRP List and Stock/Requirements List
         Material Requirements Planning
         Material Information
         Using Individual Access for Lists
         Using Collective Access for MRP Lists
         Using Collective Access for Stock/Requirements Lists
         Sorting Material Lists
         Creating Worklists
         Working with the Lists
            Searching for Information
            Filtering Information
            Working with List Header and Material Tree
            Individual Line Display
               Individual Line Display
            Display of Period Totals
               Display of Period Totals
            Working with Individual MRP Elements
            Working with Whole Lists
               Graphical Display
                  Graphical Display of Lists
               Mail Connection
                  Set up and Start Mail Connection
                  Workflow for Mail to MRP Controller
               Comparing MRP List and Stock/Requirements List
               Checking the Capacity Situation
               Printing Individual Lists
               Printing Several MRP Lists
            Navigation Between Information
         User-Specific Configuration of the Lists
               Configuring Access to the Lists
            Material Tree
               Select Fields in the Tree
               Sort/Group Fields in the Tree
            Flexible Transaction Calls
               Define General Transaction Calls
               Transaction Calls per MRP Element
            Traffic Lights
               Define Traffic Lights
         Report RMDMRPLIST: Displaying Planning Data over the Internet
      Planning Result and Planning Situation
         Using Individual Access for Planning Result/Planning Situation
         Working with Planning Result and Planning Situation
         Using Collective Access for Planning Result
         Using Collective Access for Planning Situation
         Planning Situation According to DRP
         Compare Planning Result and Planning Situation
         Access Multi-Plant Planning Situation
         Cross-System Planning Situation (CA-BFA)
            Procedure: Cross-System Planning Situation
            Evaluate the Cross-System Planning Situation
      Pegged Requirements
         Access Pegged Requirements
         Example for Pegged Requirements
      Order Report
         Access Order Report
      Planning Table
   Procurement Proposal (PP-MRP-PP)
      Planned Order
         Display Planned Order
         Create Planned Order Manually
         Change Planned Order
         Process Components in Planned Order
         Execute Capacity Leveling in Planned Order
            Working with Capacity Leveling
         Availability Check for Components in the Planned Order
            Availability Check According to ATP Logic in Planned Order
            Availability Check Against Planned Independent Requirements
            Availability Overview of the Components
            Resetting the Availability Check
            Collective Availability Check for Components in Planned Orders
               Check the Collective Availability in the Foreground
               Check the Collective Availability in the Background
               Check Mode for Collective Availability Check
               Results of the Collective Availability Check
         Conversion of Planned Orders
            Converting Planned Orders into Purchase Requisitions
         Mass Changes of Planned Orders (Action Control)
      Firming Procurement Proposals
         Firming Planned Order Data and Components
         Reorganizing Firmed Planned Orders
         Planning Time Fence
            Planning Time Fence for Transmitted Schedule Lines Only
         Manual Firming Date
         Firming Type
   Availability Check According to ATP Logic
      Availability Check: Organizational Levels
      Scope of the Availability Check
         Availability Check With or Without Replenishment Lead Time
      Availability Overview
         Working with the Availability Overview
      Backorder Processing
         Process Backorders