Material Valuation Area


The material valuation area is an organizational unit within Logistics.


You conduct a valuation of materials for each material valuation area to determine valuation prices and values.

You may valuate material stocks either at plant or company code level:

Material stocks within one material valuation area have the same value. If necessary, you may differentiate the stocks according to material valuation area - valuation type. Material stocks in different material valuation areas may have different values.

Determining the valuation level

You may valuate material stocks either at plant or company code level. You define the valuation level at the client level. It then applies to all companies and plants in the client. (We recommend that you define the valuation area at plant level). It is not possible to create several valuation areas in one client.

You should define the valuation area at plant level if:

You may conduct a separate valuation if you wish to use different values for materials under the material valuation area level using.

It takes a lot of time and effort to change the level at which the valuation of material stocks is carried out.


You must conduct the valuation at plant level if you wish to carry out product and order costing. For example, material valuation data may only be created once for the company or for each plant.

Many functions within materials management depend on whether you decide to valuate material stocks at plant or at company code level. Your decision also affects:

You determine the valuation area at enterprise level. You must use the valuation area for all enterprises and plants within this client.