Planning Directly in Profit Center Accounting 


You can plan profit centers directly in order to modify your planned profits or balance sheet items for the individual profit centers. For example, it may be necessary to create or alter the following items manually:


When planning directly on profit centers, you can create plan data or alternatively change plan data transferred from other CO applications. To do this, you require a plan version valid for the fiscal year and a planning parameter (see General Requirements in Planning Process).

If, in Profit Center Accounting, you wish to access plan data transferred online or periodically, you must use the plan version in Profit Center Accounting with which the plan data was transferred. This is the case for displaying and changing plan data.

You can, however, also create an alternative plan for profit centers which you save in your own plan version.


To carry out direct planning, you can use various planning techniques. The planning techniques help you to plan quickly and efficiently.

In the following sections, the following planning techniques are described: