Environment, Health and Safety 


SAP EH&S (Environment, Health & Safety) provides important functions necessary for the tasks involved in company safety, health and environmental protection. Integrated functions from the EH&S areas can be used in all parts of the supply chain of a manufacturing company, from sales, through production planning, human resources, materials management, production, plant maintenance, and distribution, to the transport of the finished goods. SAP EH&S covers concepts and functions for the areas Product Safety, Dangerous Goods Management, Industrial Hygiene and Safety, and Occupational Health.


Product Safety

The Product Safety area covers tasks involved in managing product safety. This includes creating and managing data required for substances and products, managing multilingual texts as phrases, generating and dispatching prescribed documents, and integrating these processes into the procedures that are in operation in your enterprise. The eight components described below have been designed so that they can be used not just directly as product safety functions, but also as an infrastructure for other SAP EH&S areas and as new procedures available in the general R/3 System.

Dangerous Goods Management

Dangerous goods are substances and products that could pose a risk to public safety when being transported because of their properties. The transportation of your goods is therefore subject to a great number of national and international regulations. Dangerous Goods Management enables the correct handling of these regulations using the following three components:

Industrial Hygiene and Safety

SAP EH&S Industrial Hygiene and Safety supports the employer when providing protection for his or her employees' health and safety. The SAP EH&S Industrial Hygiene and Safety components work area, exposure log, incident/accident management, risk assessment and measurement management, standard operating procedure, health and safety briefing, and site inspection are the basic modules that provide effective company industrial hygiene and safety management. Integration into the SAP R/3 System means that data consistency is automatically guaranteed between business processes, and there is no longer redundant maintenance of data. Data and documents are always kept up-to-date. SAP EH&S Industrial Hygiene and Safety can be used in all companies and industry sectors worldwide.

Occupational Health

The purpose of occupational health is to monitor the health and well-being of employees. This is made possible using health surveillance protocols that are performed regularly and that are required by law in most countries.

Another task involved in occupational health is to document all first aid and treatment that is given in a company.

Both of these tasks are associated with a great amount of administration and many legal requirements. The SAP EH&S component Occupational Health offers you comprehensive support in this area.

SAP EH&S Occupational Health contains the following components:

The integration with the SAP EH&S components Industrial Hygiene and Safety and Product Safety, as well as with SAP R/3 Human Resources Management (HR) and SAP Organizational Management greatly reduces the amount of time needed to manage and maintain data, thus helping the company to save time and money.

By using the SAP EH&S component Occupational Health, a company can comply with legal requirements easily and at the same time optimize its business processes.