Configuring Subscription Service 


You determine the events for the object types that the subscription service should be available for and enter the message text.

Without table entries, the service is available for both events CHANGED (document has been changed) and DELETED (document has been deleted) and all object types.


  1. Go to the view maintenance (transaction SM30) for the table SGOSSUB.
  2. Check or change the requested Object type and the Events. Also see the F1/F4 Help. Descriptions of the object types can be found in the Business Object Builder (transaction SWO1).
  3. Do not set the indicator Subscription if the service is not to be generally available for the event.
  4. You want to switch off the object service for purchase orders, that is, there should not be a pushbutton offered in the Toolbox. You must also switch it off for the events CHANGED and DELETED as they are automatically available. The simplest way to do this is to enter an asterisk in the field Event for the object type BUS2012 (and naturally remove the indicator).

  5. Determine a title for the mails to the subscribers.
  6. You can transfer SAPScript parameters (within two '&' characters):

    Object attribute. The parameter is called <OBJECTTYPE>.<ATTRIBUTE>

    The object key (document number). The parameter is called OBJKEY

    The special default attribute. The parameter is called ATTRIBUT

    System fields, for example SY-DATE

    You want to subscribe to events for purchase orders and requests and to be able to see from the mail title whether a purchase order or a request has been changed and which purchase order or request this is. Also define the title

    "The purchase order &OBJKEY& has been changed"

    for object type BUS2012 and a corresponding title for the object type BUS2032 .

  7. You can determine a text for the mails to the subscribers. The text must exist as general text in the document maintenance (transaction SE61).

You can transfer the same SAPScript parameters as the title. An example is the general text SGBT_DEF_SUB.

You want to see the release group, an attribute for the corresponding object type, in the mail text for the purchase order. Also define the text in the document maintenance.

"The purchase order &OBJKEY& has been changed. It belongs to the release group &BUS2012.ReleaseGroup&."

and enters these for object type BUS2012 .