Processing Service Contracts with Periodic Billing 


This process shows you how to create and process service contracts for customer equipment. It contains periodic billing for service contracts and a link to a further process containing resource-related billing.


The process begins with the delivery of a personal computer to the customer. Once delivered, an equipment master record is created. The customer would like to conclude a service contract for the equipment. If the customer desires, configurable or preconfigured service packages can be used in the service contract. It includes special price agreements for the materials that can be used in subsequent service measures. These price agreements are automatically taken into account in resource-related billing (see the scenario Service Processing and Resource-Related Billing with Service Contracts). The service contract also contains the standard charge billed each month. A settlement is drawn up for the monthly charge, and the revenues (as well as any costs) are settled to Profitability Analysis (CO-PA).

The scenario can be performed separately or together with the scenario Service Processing and Resource-Related Billing with Service Contracts.

Process Flow

You can find the data for this process under .

  1. Creating and Delivering Sales Orders
  2. Creating the Equipment Master Record
  3. Creating Service Contracts for the Plant Maintenance of Customer Equipment
  4. Maintaining Price Agreements in the Service Contract
  5. Service Processing and Resource-Related Billing
  6. Performing Periodic Billing Document
  7. Settlement of Service Contracts
  8. Displaying Line Items in Profitability Analysis
  9. Displaying a CS Report in Profitability Analysis