Preparations for Posting Outgoing Invoices 

To be able to complete outgoing invoices correctly for the reports for the tax authorities in the FI application component, you must:

To be able to complete outgoing invoices in Financial Accounting so that the documents contain the necessary specifications for the new tax rules, proceed as follows:

  1. Enter the VAT registration number of every customer under the corresponding country key in the customer master record.
  2. To do so, go to the Accounts Receivable menu and select the customer master records in the change function, or transfer these specifications with the other master data by batch input from a legacy system or a non-SAP system.

  3. Create accounts for output tax, if you have not already done so or if you are posting to separate accounts according to tax code.
  4. Create tax codes for posting output tax with a percentage rate of zero by choosing the activity Define Tax Codes for Sales and Purchases in the Implementation Guide for Financial Accounting.