Calling Up the SAP Reference IMG 

To call up the SAP Reference IMG, proceed as follows:

  1. From the SAP Easy Access menu, choose Tools ® AcceleratedSAP ® Customizing ® Edit Project ® SAP Reference IMG.
  2. The structure of the IMG is now displayed.

  3. Position the cursor on Financial Accounting and choose Edit ® Expand or click on the plus sign to display the subheadings under Financial Accounting.
  4. You will see the IMG for Financial Accounting Global Settings, General Ledger Accounting, and Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.

  5. Position the cursor on either Financial Accounting Global Settings, General Ledger Accounting, or Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable and expand the tree structure until you find the configuration activity you require
  6. Read the descriptions for the relevant activities by double-clicking on the text icon, then go to the views for making or maintaining the settings in these activities by clicking on the Execute icon.
  7. Make the required settings and save them.
  8. Return to the IMG structure display by choosing Goto ® Back.