Additional Screen for Tax Amounts 

When entering G/L account items, you specify the net amount and the tax code. The tax amounts for the G/L account items are entered on a separate screen that you can reach by choosing Extras ® Tax amounts.

The Tax amounts screen shows you the tax amount, tax code, posting key, and tax base amount for all items you have entered. If you access the Tax amounts screen after entering the G/L account items, you will see the amounts you have already entered.

You can enter tax codes that have not already been entered for line items or change amounts that have already been specified.

If you enter new tax codes, you have to specify a posting key in addition to the tax amount and tax code.

If you create several tax line items with one tax code, for example, when posting with a jurisdiction code or in the case of Canadian tax processing (GST/PST), you can display and enter these tax line items on a further detail screen by choosing Goto ® Details. The detail screen displays the entire tax amount broken down by state, county, or city code. Here you can enter the individual amounts. Once you have made entries on the detail screen, you cannot branch to the Tax amounts screen.