Specifications in G/L Accounts 

You can make specifications for calculating, checking, and posting taxes on sales/purchases in three fields in G/L accounts. These are:

Tax category
By means of this field, you determine in the master record of a G/L account whether the account is a tax account, a tax-relevant G/L account, or a G/L account that is not tax-relevant. For a tax-relevant G/L account, you can determine the tax codes that can be used to post to the account.

Posting without taxes allowed
By means of this field, you can indicate the accounts that are tax-relevant, but for which posting of non-tax-relevant transactions without a tax code is allowed. This is especially necessary for postings with a jurisdiction code to avoid having to define "dummy" jurisdictions. For tax processing with a jurisdiction code, the jurisdiction code is also ready for input on the G/L accounts/asset screen, in addition to the tax code.

Automatic posting only
For each account, you can use this field to determine whether you want to have the account posted to by the system only, that is automatically, or manually as well.

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