Status Management in Notifications 


The individual processing steps during the planning and execution stages for notifications and orders, represent business transactions in the system that a user performs for the notification or order. Each of these business transactions is documented in the SAP System by means of a status.

Only a few of the possible statuses need to be set at a particular point in time. If one of these statuses is missing, the system refers you to it before you can perform any further functions.

A notification can have two types of status:

System statuses are set when you perform a particular function for the notification. For example, you perform the system function "Print notification", which sets the status printed for the notification.

User statuses enable you to further limit the functions that are permitted for a notification due to a system status. You can assign and delete user statuses directly if you have the authorization for doing this.


System statuses are preset by SAP and cannot be changed.

User statuses are defined by the system administrator within a status profile for notifications in Customizing for Plant Maintenance and Customer Service.