Batch Management and Active Ingredient Management 


A purchase order item is created for an active ingredient, but the goods receipt is posted as a physical quantity. The measurement results for the active ingredient contents are recorded by the quality check. The invoice verification refers to the determined active ingredient quantity of the goods receipt.

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Process Flow

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  1. Entering the Goods Receipt Without the Purchase Order
  2. Ordering an Active Ingredient
  3. Posting the Goods Receipt for an Active Ingredient
  4. Displaying the Purchase Order History
  5. Displaying the Valuation Prices of the Material Components
  6. Displaying the Batch Valuation Record
  7. Entering the Results of the Quality Inspection
  8. Checking the Batch Classification
  9. The Actual Value of the Batch
  10. Adjustment Posting for the GR Inspection Lot
  11. Invoice Verification
  12. Displaying the Purchase Order History
  13. Managing Active Ingredients, Process Orders and Order Costing
  14. Material Consumption for the Process Order
  15. Creating a Production Order
  16. Goods Receipt for the Production Order
  17. Inventory Corrections for the Finished Product
  18. Selling the Finished Product
  19. Delivery for the Standard Order
  20. Billing for the Standard Order
  21. Resetting the Customizing Settings