Creating Customer Hierarchy Nodes 


You use customer hierarchy nodes as customers in a customer hierarchy, if you require an element to which data can be defined specifically for the customer hierarchy (for example, pricing or rebate relevance) but which does not take on an active role in order processing such as for example, a goods recipient.

You can define restricted, customer hierarchy specific data in the master record of a customer hierarchy node, but no data that is necessary for overall sales and distribution processing or for accounting.

In terms of creating and maintaining master data for nodes in a hierarchy, you proceed just as you would with customer master data. For further information, see Creating a Customer Master Record.


To create a master record for a customer hierarchy node, proceed as follows:

  1. In the SD Master data screen, select, Business partners ® Hierarchy nodes ® Create.
  2. You reach the entry screen for creating a customer master record. The account group Hierarchy nodes (0012) is automatically proposed.

    Alternatively you can choose Business partner ® Customer ® Create from the Sales Master Data screen and then select the Hierarchy nodes (0012) account group.

  3. Enter the sales area, but leave the Customer field blank (in the standard version, the customer number is assigned automatically by the system). Press ENTER.

You reach the General Data view for customer master maintenance. Enter the following data on the tab pages:

Name and address data

Assignment to the sales information system (SIS) and profitability analysis (CO-PA)

If required, name and other data to contact persons

In the sales and distribution view, enter on the

Whether the node is relevant for pricing and rebate processing

  1. Save your work.