Cross-Application Components
   CA - Drilldown Reporting
   Cross-Application Time Sheet (CA-TS)
   Archiving Application Data (CA-ARC)
   CAD Interface (CA-CAD)
   CA Data Transfer
   Document Management
   Employee Self-Service
   European Monetary Union: Euro (CA-EUR)
   Country Versions
   Notifications (CA-NO)
   Internal Service Requests
   SAP Open Information Warehouse
   PDM Integration for AutoCAD
   Direct and Indirect Quotation for Exchange Rates
   SAP Business Partner (SAP BP)
   Classification (CA-CL)
      Characteristics (CA-CL-CHR)
      Classification System (CA-CL)
   Business Framework Architecture (CA-BFA)
      General Introduction to BAPIs (CA-BFA)
      BAPI User Guide CA-BFA)
      BAPI Programming Guide CA-BFA)
      Enhancements, Modifications, (CA-BFA)
      ALE Business Process Library (CA-BFA-ABL)
         Library of ALE Business Processes
         ALE Quick Start
         PM - Work Management Interface
      Desktop Development (CA-BFA-INT)
         BAPI ActiveX Control
         IDoc Class Library (BC-FES-AIT)
         RFC C++ Class Library (BC-FES-AIT)
         SAP Automation GUI Interfaces (BC-FES-AIT)
         SAP Automation GUI Code Generator (BC-FES-AIT)
         SAP Automation (BC-FES-AIT)
         SAP Automation RFC and BAPI Interfaces (BC-FES-AIT)
   General Application Functions (CA-GTF)
      Cross-Application Mass Maintenance (CA-GTF-MS)
      Message Control (CA-GTF-BS)
      Schedule Manager (CA)
      CA Extended Table Maintenance
      Data Retention Tool (DART) (CA-GTF-DRT)
      SAP List Viewer (ALV): Classic
      Time Zones