Engineering Change Management (ECM) 


For technical and commercial reasons, it is necessary to change industrial products from time to time.

Technical reasons for changes include, for example, technical faults which have to be corrected and the introduction of new environmental or safety regulations. For commercial reasons, it may be necessary to start using cheaper materials or to change a product to suit customer requirements.

In the R/3 System, changes to objects can be made with or without history.

Engineering Change Management (ECM) in the R/3 System offers you a comprehensive solution for documenting such changes.

In this process, a customer has reported an ignition problem with a particular motorcycle in wet weather. We follow the changes made from the receipt of the customer report to the completion and release of the requested change.

This script makes use of the ArchiveLink simulation functionality for processing incoming faxes or scanned-in documents. To check if ArchiveLink has been set-up, please see the customizing information for ArchiveLink.

Process Flow

You can find the data for this process under .

  1. Simulating an incoming Fax for ECM using ArchiveLink
  2. Processing the Customer Complaint
  3. Determining Material Requirements and Checking the Customer Complaint
  4. Checking the Feasibility of the Change Request
  5. Checking the Change Request
  6. Approving and Converting the Change Request
  7. Setting the Completion Indicator for the Change Object
  8. Completing and Releasing the Change Request