SAP Reference Structure


The SAP Reference Structure is a hierarchical structure containing all the elements that customers need to create their Business Blueprint. It contains substructures with structure items, such as enterprise areas, scenarios, process groups, processes, and objects. These items are in turn assigned associated items, such as questions, IMG activities and organizational units, depending on the level concerned.


The SAP Reference Structure allows you to navigate through the Question & Answer database.


The SAP Reference Structure offers you a guide to identifying your enterprise’s specific needs and selecting the functions you need to map them to your SAP System. It consists of the following substructures:

In an industry-specific implementation project, you use value chains to generate your Business Blueprint. Value chains describe all key processes for a specific industry, across all enterprise areas.

User Roles
This substructure contains SAP user roles, which are structured by enterprise area, for example General management, Coordinator for period-end-closing activities. The project team can use these roles to analyze and document project-specific requirements for user profiles, and to collect relevant information on user-role-specific authorization profiles. User roles can be assigned to individual structure items.

For most substructures, you can also generate reports, which summarize the information you have gathered.