Data Conversion 

The withholding tax data conversion is made up of three separate steps .

First carry out the individual conversion steps as a test.

A test checks the settings and picks up any errors that may exist. It is quicker to perform a test; if any errors are found, you can rectify them and then start the actual conversion step.

To actually carry out the individual steps as a test, select the Test run field and choose .

If you discover any erroneous data when you actually carry out a conversion step (that is, not a test), you can reset the conversion step ( ) and then correct the error .

You can only carry out the next conversion step when the preceding step has been successfully completed (with a green or yellow traffic light).

Once you have activated extended withholding tax for the relevant company codes, it is no longer possible to reset any of the conversion steps that have actually been carried out.

Carry out the following steps: