Inbound Processing 

What can be Processed?

Axxx Condition table

Client + Application + Condition type + VAKEY + Valid_to

Konh Condition header

Client + Condition record number (knumh)

Konp Condition item

Client + Knumh + current number

Konp Condition item

Konm Quantity scale

Client + knumh + current number + current no. scale

Konw Value scale

Client + knumh + current number + current no. scale

for purchasing info records

for contracts

for purchasing rebate agreements (and the period condition records)

no other agreements

Processing module

Gaps in the target system:

Source system: 1.) AAAAABBBBBCCCCC

2.) AAAAA BBBCCCCC abbreviation of BBBBB

3.) sent from BBB

4.) AAAAA BBBCCCCC current status of the DB

Target system: 1.) DDDDDKKKKKEEEEE identical to source

2.) Initial data creation of BBB

3.) DDDDDKKBBBEEEEE a part of KKKKK remains

New condition record number:

Source system 1.)AAAAABBBBBAAAAA AAAAA has the same Knumh

2.) complete dispatch

Target system 1.) DDDDDKKKKKEEEEE each with different Knumh