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Check BOM Application

In this menu option, you define the processes relating to automatic alternative determination.

Every process is represented via an application. You need this application in order to explode a BOM during order creation.

The alternative determination is controlled both by the application and the settings in the material master.

In the material master, you can specify in the field "Alternative selection" whether you want an alternative to be selected according to one of the following parameters:

Via the application, you specify the following criteria:

You can specify per application whether the settings should be taken into account for the alternative selection for multiple BOMs. These settings are only taken into account if you selected the alternative selection according to date in the corresponding material master.
If you selected the alternative selection according to production version in the material master, you can specify here for every application whether this setting should be taken into account. If this setting is not to be taken into account, the alternative selection is carried out for the corresponding material and application according to order quantity.
During alternative determination, only those bills of material are taken into account whose status at least contains the indicators specified here.


During order creation, the application is determined on the basis of order type.


You must have processed the menu option "Alternative selection for multiple BOMs".


Define the applications according to your requirements.